The Pilgrimage 2019


Pas Normal Studios



Film, Postproduction

The Danish Pas Normal Studios strive to launch cycling apparel collections that define modern cycling in a different context. Their aim is technical perfection that takes northern European riding conditions into account combined with visionary aesthetics; comfortable all-weather wear in a minimal Scandinavian style combined with handmade hi-tech fabrics from Italy. They asked Studio von Monkiewitsch to capture a very special tour with their riding team: The Pilgramage. In March of 2019, seven riders set out to follow the Way of St. James from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela. Alternating between high definition images and grainy „souvenir pictures“, and using voice-overs of the riders the film parallels the bodily experience with the mental experience. A contemporary idea of sport converges with that of the pilgrimage as a meditative and spiritual journey towards self-discovery and personal achievement.