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Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Editorial Design

Based on a selection of twenty-four paintings, the exhibition „Russian Avant-Garde at the Museum Ludwig: Original and Fake“ presents the scientific and art historical methods with which authentic and inauthentic works can be identified. In addition, the research offers insights into the working methods of Russian avant-garde artists.

The visual identity of the exhibition communication is based on the idea of a desk on which evidence materials are laid out. Together with the red X, which consistently covers a visual framing of an extensive research, a concise key visual is created.

Using concise examples, visitors are invited to look behind the scenes and get an idea of provenance research and various examination techniques such as infrared and X-ray images, tissue examinations and material analyses. We have developed an typographic system of panels inspired by archive aesthetics that unfolds the case of each exhibit to the visitor.

Studio von Monkiewitsch created the exhibition identity including a series of collateral including announcement posters, ads and a comprehensive brochure.